Wednesday, January 01, 2014

beauty; fat transfer method benefits

Various methods were developed to satisfy the desire of beauty improve appearance. Among these are non - invasive method, with minimal wound healing time is faster. Latest actions of this method in planting them fat by using stem cells to overcome aging.

"Non-invasive methods is likely to be a trend in 2014. Various techniques in non- invasive method is injecting botox, filler administration, or growing fat,"said plastic surgeon, Irene Sakura Rini, at Compass Health, Saturday ( 28/12 / 2013).

With a non - invasive procedure, patients can see the effects of the technique does more quickly. Moreover, non - invasive procedure requiring less funds than usual technologies.

"Even though cheaper, consumers do not look at the price but how much the procedure beneficial. If it is cheaper and useful of course be choose., But if the cheap price with questionable quality, better not,"said Irene.

To ensure the quality of the procedure and its benefits for the patient, Irene advised to consult first with competent experts. Experts will explain how large would benefit or harm the procedure and give the best advice.

fat transfer
Irene exemplifies fat planting method is relatively new in Indonesia. In practice, the growing use of fat stem cells derived from the patient's fat tissue processing. Processed fats belong to the patients themselves with liposuction procedures.

The benefits of the procedure is to limit the effects of aging on the body. Stem cells are not only used for beauty, but also the whole body is getting older patient age appropriate.

"Because they are new make sure physicians who perform the required competence, for example, plastic surgery for cosmetic procedures. Do not be fooled cheap prices and images are said to be the result of the method of stem cells,"said Irene.

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