Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beware, Oxygen Deficiency Could Aggravating Breast Cancer

Baltimore, Breast cancer is one of the diseases that target women. If the cancer has spread, the risk is death or surgical removal of the breast. However, for patients who have severe, recent research has found a way for the cancerous tumor can not grow. One is always sufficient oxygen levels in the body.

Research conducted by the John Hopkins University in Baltimore said that the low oxygen levels in the body will trigger the production of proteins that make the tumor develops. This study aimed to examine the influence is there any body in the process of developing the dangerous tumors.

Cancer of the breast, lung, bone, and liver, including the type of disease that is difficult to handle. Because these tumors tend to move from its original place. The process is called as metastasis, the biological process in which cancer cells spread to other body systems.

Gregg Semenza, professor of medicine involved in the study, said that the breast cancer cells growing as a result of anticipating body hypoxia or lack of oxygen. When being starved of oxygen, the body will release RhoA and rock1 that can make healthy cells to adapt, but also led to the development of breast cancer.

" When tumor cells spread, in part because the tumor will not run out of oxygen supplied by blood vessels. Thing that makes the body sends a signal lack of oxygen, and finally removing these proteins, " he said as quoted from medicaldaily on Monday ( 30/12 / 2013).

Laboratory test results showed the same thing. According to Daniele Gilkes, a team of researchers from the same university laboratories, lack of oxygen will make the cancer tissue release called parallel filaments. This network serves to grip the outer surface of the cancer and make it spread.

Gilkes stated that research has successfully proved that the spread of breast cancer can be prevented by creating a state of oxygen deficiency as seldom as possible. The hope is that there will be further research to understand the effects of drugs on the development of protein RhoA and rock1.

Breast cancer is the second most vicious cancer in the United States. It was reported that 200,000 women developed the disease, and 40,000 of them die every year. Meanwhile, one in eight women have expressed the cancer.

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