Monday, January 20, 2014

Cancer Patients with Single Status Death Faster

Rapid risk of death in cancer patients was influenced factors on the status of a man possessed. Single status in cancer patients could be a triggering factor of early death than married.

Age, education or stage of cancer is not the first death the trigger factor on single people with cancer. Reported by AskMen in 1970 has been known to single men with cancer 18 percent more likely to die than men who first had a pair.

Total percentage was increased to 35 percent in 2007. Research from Norway to collect the data for the last 40 years and demonstrated the widening gap in survival rates for those who have more ties to survive compared to the single status.

There is also a concern because many people do not have access to the health care system in the United States. Exact reasoning for this phenomenon is unclear, but it seems to be known to have a partner to help provide care and support to live a healthier such as healthy eating, exercise and medical consultation to the experts.

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