Sunday, January 19, 2014

Have Brittle Tooth not easy Got Cancer?

Tooth brittle is a disease that needs to be avoided. However, contrary to the bad tooth decay, a new study indicates positive it has rotten teeth. According to the study, brittle teeth associated with a lower risk of experiencing cancer of the mouth and throat.

The researchers believe it is because the lactic acid produced by bacteria in more cavities. Lactic acid is said to be capable of preventing the growth of cancer cells.

According to them, the owner has the risk of tooth brittle 32 percent less likely to develop cancer of the mouth and throat than those who do not have a brittle on the teeth.

"This is an unexpected findings because tooth brittle is known as a symptom of poor oral health," said study leader Dr. Mine Tezal from the University of Buffalo.

The study involved 399 people with head and neck cancer. The study also compared them with 221 other participants who did not have cancer.

The researchers found that most participants have their rotten teeth are the least likely to get cancer risk.

Tezal explained, tooth brittle is the result of lactic acid produced by bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria are almost the same as the already known in yogurt linked to a decrease in inflammatory diseases, allergy, and several other types of cancer.

Tezal said, the next step is to create a way to prevent cancer of the mouth and throat without having a rotten tooth.

However, dental experts such as Dr. Joel Epstein who was not involved in the research, said the study is not perfect because it only involves a small group and just see existing tooth brittle.

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