Thursday, January 16, 2014

Masturbation Can Reduce Risk of Cancer and Diabetes?

Benefits of Masturbation - Can Reduce Risk of Cancer and Diabetes?

 Some experts say masturbation as a healthy sex method for exaggeration and body hygiene is not maintained. Even two researchers in Australia discovered the healthy benefits than just incredible sexual satisfaction.

Anthony Santella, public health researchers from the University of Sydney and colleagues Spring Chenoa Cooper agreed if masturbation can prevent a variety of chronic diseases, including cystitis or urinary tract infection, diabetes and cancer of the prostate.

" For women ( 85 percent ), it can help prevent infection of the urinary tract, including the cervix. Because when aroused, this process makes the cervix stretched and circulation of fluid in the cervix, so that the bacteria -laden fluid is wasted, " said the researcher, as quoted by the Daily mail, Friday.

Both are also added if masturbation can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce insomnia and tension due to the release of hormones during sex independently, as well as increasing the strength of the pelvis down through contraction that occurs when an orgasm.

Then masturbation was considered to protect against cancer, particularly for men. Several studies have shown that men who regularly have sex or masturbate a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Mainly due to the release of toxins from the prostate gland during ejaculation.

Not only that, two researchers from Australia is also argued masturbation can prevent a person affected by depression. Not because when orgasm, someone produces endorphins which is identical to the ' happiness ' and resulted in an increase in the hormone cortisol, which can strengthen the immune system.

Moreover, they added that masturbation is ' the most convenient method to maximize one's own orgasm ', so that people who regularly masturbate stress, pain and reduced blood pressure and increase her confidence.

No less interesting, masturbation is also no risk of causing unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

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