Wednesday, January 22, 2014

myths about breast cancer (part1)

The increasing cases of breast cancer each year in the world makes a lot of myths arose about breast cancer that has not been true. Therefore, as an intelligent woman ladies should know the truth of these myths. The following will discuss some of the myths about breast cancer were collected from

• Myth : Breast cancer can only attack women with a family history of breast cancer
Fact : If one member of a family of ladies such as father, mother, brother, or your sister had breast cancer, then you have a high risk of developing breast cancer. However, you should know that 70 % of women who develop breast cancer have no family history of breast cancer.

• Myth : Wearing a bra underwire will increase the risk of breast cancer
Fact : This is simply a myth that is circulating in the community. Underwire bra has nothing to do with the increased risk of breast cancer in a woman.

• Myth : All breast lumps are breast cancer
Fact : It also includes a myth because 80% of lumps found in the breast is not breast cancer. It may be that the lump is just a cyst or thickening of tissue that has nothing to do with cancer. So, ladies should see a doctor to check if the lump is cancerous or not.

• Myth : Women with breast implants have a higher risk of developing breast cancer
Fact : Breast implants may not cause breast cancer. However, breast implants will interfere with current mammography examination. Examination itself is also more difficult to do if you have breast implants.

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myths about breast cancer (part1)
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