Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Ways to Cure Prostate Cancer Patients

New Ways to Treat Prostate Cancer Patient

The verdict of prostate cancer for men is like doomsday. That means they have to undergo surgery or radiotherapy. The problem is, two ways out it is a gateway to a new affliction. Both are not without side effects. The most severe, can cause male infertility.

But now, researchers find ways to minimize medical treatment for patients with prostate cancer. The team was originally from England and America. Way they apply Prolaris named. Through a test, can be differentiated men with prostate cancer and is not dangerous.

The test works by analyzing the genetic alterations of the tumor. The patient is then given a score from -3 to +3. Who score higher, meaning that it has a more aggressive cancer cells. That's the priority for surgery or radiotherapy treatment.

So far, existing tests are not able to examine it. As a result, 90 percent of prostate cancer patients to be operated on.

Professor Jack Cuzik, a scientist at Cancer Research UK is based at Queen Mary University of London said, too much treatment of prostate cancer is a serious problem. For that, it needs to be analyzed in the first stage of the cancer patients are which.

"Patients with slow-growing cancer that means a more secure and not at risk if left unchecked. They do not have to endure surgery and its side effects," said Cuzik as reported by the Daily Mail page.

Dr Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research and chair of the National Cancer Research Institute approves it. According to him, understanding the nature of cancer cells could spare thousands of people from unnecessary treatment and side effects that result.

In the meantime, new Prolaris test can be done in a lab in Utah. People should send samples of cancer there. However, researchers are developing further experiments.

Moreover, each year there are 41 thousand new prostate cancer patients in the UK. The number who died is down a fifth in the last 20 years. Therefore, diagnosis and better treatment. However, it does not mean that people are free from the side effects of prostate cancer.

Moreover, the cost to perform the test Prolaris only £ 17 thousand, or about Rp31 million. That figure is much lower than the patient having to undergo surgery or radiotherapy.

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