Saturday, January 04, 2014

Revealed, how many times men think about sex a day

Men ? "Yes fad. In fact, sometimes, nasty." It is summed up by Dr. Terri Fisher, a professor from Ohio State University 's Mansfield, about mind men against women in a study published by the "Journal of Sex Research."

Really? The study, led by Dr. Terri Fisher, involves a number of freshmen and sophomores consisting of 163 women and 120 men. The scientists are part of the research track mindset of respondents by means of a digital counter or "tally counters", which contains a series of photos of various human activities, namely eating, sleeping and sex.

Male libido, you could say like an active volcano, may erupt anytime. After observing the mindset of women and men, the study in Ohio revealed the results of a study on the behavior of human thinking about sex, especially men, in everyday life.

According to the release of the results of the study, a total of 59 respondents were asked to keep track of photos of people eating, 61 respondents were asked to keep track of photos of people sleeping. Then, all respondents were asked to track a variety of sexy photos and other sex-related.

As a result, respondents men think about food 18 times per day and sleepy 11 times while the female respondents to think about food 14 times per day and 8.5 times sleepy. In the case of male respondents known to think about sex 19 times per day, while the female respondents only 10 times per day !

In conclusion, the one day a man can imagine sex every seven minutes. And when accumulated, for about 16 hours in a waking state, men think about sex as much as 800 times, wow!

Eat, sleep and sex, in the science of psychology is claimed as the three basic human needs. Therefore, a study published by the Journal of Sex Research is only studying the behavior of human thinking is based on three things.

"We found a significant difference in the mindset of men and women. Not just sex alone, it turns out the way and the way of thinking men and women equally, totally different. And this finding is significant and can be trusted.'' Said Fisher, as quoted from page CBN News.

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