Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Best Foods For Breast Cancer Patients

When trying to recover from breast cancer, of course, there are foods that become forbidden and not recommended by doctors. Certain foods recommended to help speed healing. And generally really sizeable effect if strictly followed.

Reported by Boldsky, doctors advise you to increase the consumption of the following foods in order to get well from breast cancer :

The content of antioxidants in the fruit can help ward off free radicals which function to prevent the formation of cancer cells. In addition he will help the recovery of the body so that the body does not look fresh and pale skin.

The starchy tubers will also provide enough energy for cancer patients to recover his body. Moreover, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, of course, the body needs sufficient energy.

It is recommended to boil or steam the potatoes when will consume. It may add a little salt to taste delicious.

whole wheat
Consumption of dietary menus are much healthier for the body. Such as whole wheat one. Neither must eat exaggerated, in moderation only as an energy source for the body.

Although many people think that it is junk food, but pasta actually contains many ingredients that are healthy for the body. The requirement is not to cook pasta using instant seasoning. But it is more advisable to mix their own marinade.

Lean meat
Is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, it is recommended to consume a low -fat red meat and low in cholesterol. You can choose which part is not much fat content.

long beans
Long beans good for breast cancer patients. Is a healthy menu for the fight against cancer. Processed by pan-fried or boiled in order to be healthy and beneficial.

drinking milk
Do not be afraid of fat while drinking milk. Precisely during chemotherapy treatment or cure of cancer, you need a lot of energy. This energy can be obtained by drinking milk and eating other dairy products.

Select the white part of the egg to be consumed at breakfast. Egg white useful against cancer cells in the body.

Other sources of protein you can get through the fish. But choose the best quality fish and nutritional yes, such as salmon and tuna.

By eating foods that are healthy and run healthy living, fight against cancer will be much easier. Just believe in miracles and still eager to fight cancer. Your body is much more powerful than the cancer cells themselves.

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