Friday, January 24, 2014

The key to cure cancer saved in this tiny animals!

Do you know the animals named mole rat? Mole rats are one species of rodents that live in the soil. Mole rats have small eyes, large front teeth, and a body that has no fur. Recently, researchers claim that the key to curing cancer found in these animals.

Researchers believe that the mole rat cells were immune to cancer could be the key to stopping the spread of cancer that had killed eight million people worldwide each year, as reported by the Daily Mail (16/01).

A team of researchers who have studied the mole rats and naked mole rats for 16 years revealed that harvest the substances secreted by cells of the rat and make it digestible capable of destroying cancer in humans and mammals. These results will be presented by Professor Aaron Avivi from Haifa University in London.

During the 16 year study, researchers did not find a trace of cancer cells or tumors in the body mole rats. Mole rats also have the age of 20 years longer than other rodents. They found that the fact that mole rats live underground have changed their metabolic system.

They concluded that the mole rats are not only resistant to spontaneous cancer, but also cancer that deliberately embedded in them. Mole rats have the ability to prevent cancer, as well as kill existing cancer in their bodies.

To the researchers believe that the key to cure cancer in humans can be studied through the mole rat cells. The discovery by Professor Sam Ahmedzai will bring cancer research into a new phase which is more bright and attractive. They hope to find a cure for cancer and to save human lives affected by cancer.

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