Friday, February 28, 2014

5 symptoms to watch out for the ladies

Ranging from breast cancer to vaginal infections, there are some conditions that threaten the health of women. This health condition is indicated by a variety of symptoms that could be detected from the beginning that quickly diagnosed.

For that, you should never ignore when there is something wrong with your body. Beware of some of the following symptoms that could indicate a problem in women.

1. Lumps or unusual changes in the breast
lumps, changes in the color and texture of the breast that look strange are some changes in the breast that could be a symptom of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer suffered by women and cancer is not always caused by hereditary factors. Despite the presence of a lump in the breast does not always mean cancer, but you should always be vigilant and check all forms of oddities and changes in the breast. Early diagnosis will allow the patient to cure cancer.

2. Frequent urination
Do you frequent urination accompanied by a burning sensation ? Be careful, it could be one of the symptoms of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection and irritation are usually characterized by multiple symptoms such as frequent urination, burning, and discomfort in the private area. If these symptoms are left and was immediately overcome the infection can be more severe and serious.

3. Pain during sexual intercourse
Feeling pain during intercourse is actually a natural thing, but only up to a certain stage. If you experience pain stabbing each curry sexual intercourse, it could be a sign of disease. Some of the diseases that have such symptoms include ovarian cysts, infection, and inflammation of the pelvis. Please consult your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

4. Continuous bloating
Sense of bloating during menstruation is normal. But if the sense of bloating and discomfort it continue for weeks, you should immediately consult a doctor. Usually symptoms of abdominal bloating accompanied by frequent urination, weight gain or weight loss is an indicator of serious health problems such as ovarian cancer.

5. Abnormal vaginal discharge
discharge from the vagina is actually a natural thing for a woman. Although every woman has a tendency of each in terms of the number of vaginal fluid that comes out of his own area, but a woman should always be aware of changes in color and odor. If the color of vaginal discharge yellowish and greenish and smelly, immediately consult a doctor.

Those are some symptoms of the disease should always look out for the ladies. The above symptoms can lead to serious diseases such as cancer, infections, and others. Early diagnosis could save her life.

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