Tuesday, February 04, 2014

advantage or benefits of immunization

Has your child been immunized ? if not quickly take him to the neighborhood health center or health center for immunizations yes. Because if your child immunized he will get good benefits for health conditions in the future.

Page vaccines.gov mention that an immunized child will get 5 advantages or benefits compared with children who are not immunized.

Children who obtain immunization would have to have a strong body because antibodies after the recording has been getting them immunized. Body that is immune to the disease will reduce the risk of death.

The use of immunization is harmless and effective in warding off disease in toodler. Although he will feel a little sick after immunization, but the pain is only a short time because at that time the body trying to adjust to the injected body immune.

Immunization can protect others. If the child is suffering from an illness, and he has done immunization, he can recover from the pain he suffered, so that the disease does not spread to others

Immunization saves time and money. If your child has been sick after get immunization can overcome the bacteria or virus that infects the body, resulting in treatment for her illness does not have to require a lot of time and do not need much money for treatment.

Immunization protects future generations. Smallpox were rampant throughout the world, for example, at the time of smallpox caused many deaths in people who suffer from it. Once found immunization for smallpox, the disease can be prevented and reduced the number of deaths from smallpox.

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