Monday, March 10, 2014

3 Easy way to stop sugar addiction

We have had a lot of people are aware that eating too much sugar is not good for health. Sugar not only can make you fat faster, but also can cause a feeling of addiction, because the sugar stimulates the same parts of the brain as cocaine effects.

This makes a lot of people can not easily let go of their addiction to sugar, despite knowing the negative effects of these sweeteners. So, how easy to eliminate dependence on sugar ? You can do a few easy steps, as reported by the Daily Health Post.

1. Reduce consumption of sugar
The first thing to do is to directly reduce the consumption of sugar. You should avoid the consumption most of sugar in various forms both drinks and food. In addition, in a few weeks do not eat sweet fruits and foods that contain refined carbohydrates. Cut consumption of sugar for a while will help eliminate addiction in the sweetener.

2. Consumption of protein
Sugar consumption is usually done when snacking. To avoid this, you should eat more foods that weight will prevent you from snacking. Add the consumption of protein to keep you fuller for longer. In addition, meet the needs of the body fluids with mineral water. Sometimes dehydration also increases the likelihood of snacking and sugar while increasing consumption.

3. Active lifestyle
To clean up a pile of sugar in the body and prevents the sugar addiction, your body needs to function optimally and fit. One of them is to be more diligent in exercising and applying an active lifestyle. Exercising will help you release endorphins.

When you eat sugar, your body releases endorphins. With so exercise will give you the same effect by eating sugar. Body gets what it wants, without you having to eat sugar at all.

Those are some easy ways you can do if you want to avoid or overcome sugar addiction sugar addiction. The above steps should be done gradually and regularly for sugar addiction can not be eliminated just like that. Good luck !

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