Sunday, September 21, 2014

3 Ways to Make Woman Orgasm Easily

If we would like spouse orgasm easily, do not need the G-spot that should be targeted. There are several other ways that can be done to achieve it. So far, the G-spot is considered as a 'magic button' to make a woman orgasm. Press the button, then settled the case. The female orgasm is guaranteed. Wait a minute, there are several ways to make a woman orgasm without having to press the 'magic button' is. Here's how, as quoted from the Better Sex, Sunday (21/09/2014):

# Use the masculine perfume
Fragrances is one of the best ways to stimulate sexual arousal. Masculine scent can stimulate a woman to make love with their partner. Scientific reasons, olfactory sensor, sex, and memories are in the same place in the brain.

# Warm her feet
According to a researcher from the University of Gronigen, Netherlands, women can be sexually aroused when warmed his feet. And this can lead a woman to orgasm. Try to do a massage on your partner's feet with warm gel. Focus on the big toe and the soles of her. The area is a reflection point to stimulate a woman.

# Gently touch her back
Touch and kiss her back in the correct place. Right touch will make him feel aroused and ready to turn himself in on your

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