Thursday, September 18, 2014

Obstetric Treatment Benefits

Do you know what is obstetric? Obstetrics is a medical specialty pertaining to the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and for 4-8 weeks after birth (post-partum period, a period in which the reproductive organs to recover from pregnancy and return to normal conditions.

Emergency Cases of obstetric is obstetric cases that if not treated immediately will result in severe pain, and even death of mother and fetus.

The case is a major cause of maternal death, fetal, and newborn. In terms of the four major causes of death obstetric maternal, fetal, and newborn are:

1. Bleeding;

2. Infection and sepsis;

3. Hypertension and preeclampsia / eclampsia, and

4. Maternity jam (dystocia).

Obstructed labor during childbirth just happen to take place, while the other three causes that can occur in pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium.

Which is intended here to the case of bleeding including bleeding cases were caused by injuries to the birth canal includes also the case of uterine rupture.

In addition to the four major causes of death, there are many kinds of good obstetric emergency cases that are not directly related to pregnancy and childbirth, such as burns, anaphylactic shock due to drugs, and injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

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