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Recognizing the Signs and Treating Advanced Alzheimer Stage

The changes in the brain that are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, encourage people to look for causes. Once stated that the disease is caused by a genetic mechanism, viral, and environmental pollutants, such as metals poisoning.

Other researchers also suggested that aluminum poisoning brain and causes Alzheimer's disease because people who suffer from this disease contain many elements of aluminum. However, this ideology has been abandoned because it turns out the areas where very high levels of aluminum in water does not cause Alzheimer's.

Also research on aluminum injection with high levels in brain cells and animals do not show signs of the disorder. Recent study conducted in Britain showed that there was no relationship between aluminum pollution and onset of the disease.

Other hypotheses also suggest that the disease is caused by a virus ml running slow, or by the result and the injury to the head, and neuroendocrine abnormalities. Hypothesis know slow virus gives expectations due to the discovery of the bacillus another degenerative disorder is caused by a virus also. However, because the evidence is not consistent regarding the presence of the virus in the brain and those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease: it is thus, this hypothesis is not used. 

Recognizing the Signs and Treating Advanced Alzheimer Stage
Alzheimer disease signs actually continued in seven stages starting from the first stage where the patient will not yet find out the indication of the disease because there is no sign that could be seen visibly at the beginning. The most advanced stage is the seventh stage which means that this is the end stage of Alzheimer and need a constant care until the patient die. To recognize more about the seventh stage, here are the information provides for you.

Recognizing the Signs and Treating Advanced Alzheimer Stage
Recognizing the Signs and Treating Advanced Alzheimer Stage

What are the risks of Alzheimer disease sign?

Advanced Alzheimer stage or the seventh stage is categorized as a very severe cognitive decline which more than 5 million Americans suffer from this disease and becomes the most reason of death people in United Stated. 

The disease itself is incurable and progressive which later causes old – age dementia in most cases because Alzheimer disease could destroy the cells in brain. In addition, the sufferers could get a problem with their memory as the symptoms. In the end of the stage for Alzheimer, people will become detached. It means that they are no longer know about the time and space. It could be a difficult condition since they have a difficulty in order to remember their closest friends and families along the moment that has been through. Not only that, but they will also difficult to respond all of it as the signs. 

While the memory loss problem could appear, they also loss ability to understand any languages include the ability to speak and use it. They cannot make a logical connection toward ideas and problems. They also loss of motor control to their own body. They lose ability in order to feed themselves as the disease is on progress. Even they need to wear adult diapers because losing continence. In the end of the disease, they cannot walk and sit upright as they lose their normal reflexes, difficulties of swallowing and grow stiff.

What should I do to care Alzheimer sufferer?

It could be difficult to see your loved one become less able to function. Talk to your family doctor is important or even try to find out hospital social worker to share about community so that you can get a respite care and residential care since the late stage is the advanced where the patient will loss every function and the condition becomes worsen. Remember that the seventh stage is incurable and a constant care is required for severe alzheimer symptoms.

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