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Treatment for Baby Milk Jaundice

Breast milk jaundice known well as a yellowing skin that identified in breast fed babies who still one week old at least. After more serious causes jaundice ruled out, there will be a typical diagnose. If you are in this condition, it is better for you to start applying breast milk jaundice treatment through understanding the causes of jaundice in newborns because in some cases there are some factors that makes the baby looks like having jaundice but in fact it is not. 

To avoid the same case, here are the way to get the information about jaundice treatment.
Treatment for Baby Milk Jaundice
Treatment for Baby Milk Jaundice

How to do breast milk jaundice treatment?

Babybreast feeding is important, but when you found the possibility of jaundice it is recommended for you to know first about the causes of jaundice. The factor could be a build – up in the blood of bilirubin created from old blood cells and then processed by the liver instead its enzyme in order to metabolize bilirubin has not matured yet for newborns so that it leads to the problem of jaundice. Second, relax is needed because this is not a big concern.  

Breast milk jaundice will be identified if the baby is healthy, having plenty bowel movements, at least a week old, gaining weight, and also having clear urine. It is important that the bilirubin level in blood checked since it could lead to tragic circumstance if there is an extreme high level of bilirubin even if it is a rare case.

How if the jaundice still exist in several weeks?

Breast milk treatment should be continued since most cases happened because the baby does not get enough breast milk. It will be less frequent of bowel movement which makes bilirubin being reabsorbed to the baby system rather than being eliminated which caused the bilirubin build – up. To cure the jaundice without any interventions, you can nurse your baby more frequently. The most important thing is continuing to breastfeed because the jaundice will correct itself in 3 or even 10 weeks. In this case, doctors recommend supplement with formula as the way to correct the jaundice in a faster way. It is better for you to pump as the way to keep your breast milk supply at the adequate level and consult to your doctor. If you feel comfort, then you can do along the advice to do the treatment of breast milk jaundice. See more 5 Best Food Sources Work Best as Healthy Skin Food Recipe

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