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Benefits of Alcohol in everyday life

Benefits of alcohol in everyday life quite a lot, used for medicine, beauty of the face and other needs. This means that alcohol does not always give a negative effect, especially for human health. Alcohol if taken continuously it can cause sedation, unconsciousness, and drunk because it has toxic properties.

In many country government has constituted special rules governing the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol to the general public. However, who would have thought if alcohol it also has benefits, especially for health. It is also shared by health experts and doctors who already know the benefits of alcohol. The following are given some of the benefits of alcohol in everyday life, especially health benefits

1. Alcohol Help Reduce Blood Pressure
Consumed alcohol in proper doses could be highly effective to help reduce high blood pressure. In this case the alcohol will work cleaning the fat deposits in the arteries and reducing blood clotting occurs. This means that the risk of heart disease and heart attacks can be reduced. 

Tremendous benefit for sure especially after knowing heart disease to be one of the deadly diseases that should be avoided. Remember to not consume alcohol to excess, although there are benefits to the body. If you consume alcohol in excess dose effect could even invite a number of negative impacts and disrupt drug reactions consumed.

2. Alcohol Minimize the Risk of Stroke
Further Benefits of alcohol which can minimize the risk of stroke. However, these benefits can be obtained during the consumption of alcohol is still in reasonable limits. The type of ischemic stroke to be one of the most common type of stroke attack. This type of stroke that one known to be caused due to blockage of blood vessels to the brain organs. 

While other types of strokes are hemorrhagic stroke caused by a blood seeping or leaking in and out of the blood vessels in the brain. Certainly for the risk of stroke can be prevented and minimized, efforts can be made to be tested and one of them by taking alcohol. Very interesting not investigated the efficacy of alcohol in everyday life.

3. Alcohol Helps Improve Sleep Quality
Benefits of alcohol in everyday life hereafter that can help improve the quality of sleep a night. Surely these benefits can help who often have difficulty sleeping disorders or insomnia. It is not because of drowsiness given alcohol on the human body. To obtain these benefits can be tried consume alcohol according to the dose recommended by the doctor. Known safe dose and recommended to help improve the quality of sleep no more than one glass.

4. Alcohol can help Maintain Cardiovascular Health
The School of Public Health at Harvard University found that controlled amounts of alcohol can raise levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein) or 'good' cholesterol and higher HDL levels associated with greater protection against heart disease. 

Moderate alcohol consumption has also been associated with beneficial changes ranging from better insulin sensitivity for improvement in the factors that affect blood clotting. This process is very important to prevent the formation of small blood clots that can block arteries in the heart, neck, and brain, a major cause of many heart attacks and strokes.

5. Alcohol Improve Body Warmth
Of course these benefits will you get automatically when consuming alcohol, your body will feel warm. Alcohol has long been used in various European countries with a high-intensity winter to keep himself warm.

6. Alcohol Can Increase Libido
Associated with libido, it turns out alcohol can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 25-30%.

7. Reduce Kidney stones
The study, conducted by researchers from the University of East Anglia, found that alcohol consumption within normal limits can reduce the occurrence of kidney stones.

That's some of the benefits of alcohol in everyday life. Of the benefits of alcohol can be obtained if used in accordance with the limits and recommended servings. As if consumed in excess will only lead to a number of disorders and negative effects. One of them cause dehydration.

A heavy drinker tends to become dehydrated due to frequent urination feeling. It is certainly caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol, where the alcohol has diuretic properties which can encourage the release of water from the body more quickly. If alcohol is drunk constantly impact diuretic perceived body can be more dangerous.

Another benefits of alcohol :

In general, alcohol is used as a solvent compounds, and as an ingredient of alcoholic beverages. As for some compounds which are widely used in everyday life are:

Methanol is a type of alcohol that is widely used as a solvent sap and resin. Alcohol can be made into other compounds such as esters. Used to create a polymer plastic types, by changing methanol to methanal or formaldehyde.

In the industry, methanol is used as a raw material for formaldehyde, as a liquid antifreeze, and solvents, such as varnish. In motor vehicles, methanol is used to fuel cars formula.

Ethanol is a type of alcohol that has been known and used since ancient times, both as a solvent medicine (tincture), as well as a cosmetics and drinks material, such as beer, wine, and whiskey.

Ethanol can be made through fermentation techniques, namely the process of changing class compound polysaccharides, such as starch crushed into a simpler form with the help of enzymes (yeast).

Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is often used as a fuel, to make other organic compounds, and can be converted into ethanol or acetaldehyde to be used as a solvent.

Ethylene Glycol is a type of alcohol that is widely used as an antifreeze in car radiators. Used also as an industrial raw material of synthetic fibers such as dacron. Alcohol is widely used types as well as solvents and plasticizers or softeners.

Glycerol is a type of alcohol that is widely used as a moisturizer on tobacco and confectionery. Ethanol is also used as a solvent of various drugs. Used also for making nitroglycerine (glycerol trinitrate) is material for explosives or dynamite.

A few reviews about the benefits of alcohol this time. Hope can provide additional information useful and helpful to you.

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