Sunday, March 15, 2015

Benefits of lubricant

Lubricant benefits in sexual intercourse

Have you ever heard the term 'lubricant' in sexual intercourse? Some couples need a lubricant even have their favorite personal lubricant during intercourse. Lubricants can indeed make your relationship more comfortable and fun, but you need to know a few things about what is lubricants.

1. The type of lubricant
Now there are some places that produce specialty lubricants sex with various types of materials. Astroglide which is a water-based lubricants, suitable for condoms. Easy to clean and easy when having sex. There also are made from a softer silicone.

2. History of lubricants
Before the lubricant manufacturer intimate relationships emerge, the ancient use of natural materials to lubricate during sex, such as olive oil even butter.

3. Better with lubricant
Research shows that the lubricant can give you the better feeling and sensation during sex. Even though you say you do not really need it, but you'll be glad when you have tried the lubricant usefulness.

4. Lubricant is for him and you
Although emerging market lubricant intimate relationship with a variant of men and women, but basically both are the same. So if you want to be more efficient, you do not need to buy both. Pretty one.

5. Is Also Lubricants Sex Toy
Because the goal is not only to make love, but it can give pleasure to you, then this intimate relationship lubricant in the category of sex toys.

Actually there are a lot of interesting things that you need to know about sex. So do not just learn the position alone, note also the things that can help you deliver a pleasant sensation for couples, one of them with this lubricant. Enjoy your hot moment.

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