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Benefits of sugar for healthy skin

Here comes the benefit of sugar for teenage skin beauty. Sugar has many benefits for the skin cool and our bodies. The benefits are effectively absorbed by our body, so sugar is considered as one of the most recommended treatments for skin problems, especially sensitive skin. What are ya skin beauty benefits of sugar for teens?

* Scrub
Let our skin is always bright and shining, use brown sugar or confectioners' sugar better than disposable salt scrubs are not necessarily cocokbuat sensitive skin. Kulitkita need to scrub for removing dust, sebum or skin oil and dead skin cells so easy turnover of new skin cells faster and make our skin stays fresh.

* Clean Skin Deeper
Sugar has a better technique for cleaning up the most in our face. When we mix sugar with oil or cream, sugar solution will clean the inside and smaller pores, even from dust and dirt. Sugar can cleanse the skin pores are clogged due to difficult to remove blackheads. Try diligent use sugar scrub least once a week in order to get maximum results.

* Moisturize Skin
Mask of sugar, it is rich in nutrients that can moisturize the skin properly. Although our skin is oily, sugar with smart can nourish the skin retain moisture in accordance with the amount needed. Way, take sugar to taste. Mix with oil (jojoba, almond, olive or pure coconut), then apply on the face as a mask.

* Anti-Aging
Sugar is the most powerful medium and the champion remove wrinkles or fine lines in the skin as a result of a healthy lifestyle baseball. In addition, the sugar can also make your skin glow and natural reddish. And skin color can be white level each time we use it.

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Benefits of sugar for healthy skin
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