Sunday, March 29, 2015

Benefits Of Tomato Soup

Benefits of Tomato Soup For Health. Tomato soup, at a glance it sounds less interesting than the chicken soup. However, if seen its benefits, this soup is not less great with chicken soup. The tomato soup Sweet and sour taste to present stamina and spirit. The important thing is this soup has a low fat content, so it is safe for you who are dieting.

The soup is made from one hundred percent of this tomato is rarely known in Indonesia. But in neighboring countries, this soup is very popular. Generally they enjoyed the soup in warm conditions. No wonder if this much-loved dish in the winter.

Here are 5 benefits of tomato soup that you can feel, as reported vivalife.

1. Weight loss
One of the benefits of the tomato soup is to help weight loss. Many people who undergo diet programs, consuming tomato soup as a dinner menu. In addition to having a low-calorie, tomato soup can burn fat in the body.

2. Cancer drug
Rich in lycopene and carotenoids. These are two antioxidants that can fight free radicals, avoid cancer. Diligent eating tomato soup, help avoid one of the breast, colon, and prostate.

3. Control your cholesterol
Tomatoes are one of the vegetables that can control bad cholesterol in the body. Eating tomato soup with heart-protective.

4. Detoxifying cigarette
Not everyone can stop smoking. If you are one of them, you can neutralize the toxins that enter the body with a hot bowl of tomato soup every day. Chlorogenic and coumaric acid in tomatoes believed to cure health problems caused by smoking.

5. Good for the skin
Vitamin A in tomatoes makes skin look naturally radiant and flawless. If you want to fight pimples and black spots, you can put it down with this sour soup. Not only to get glowing skin, has this soup also strengthened bones and teeth as vitamin K contain in tomato.

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