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Healthy DASH Diet with Low Calorie

Healthy DASH Diet with Low Calorie
What is healthy DASH diet?
Healthy dash diet is different from fad diets which basically introduced on the market recently. DASH diet as its name (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) actually introduced in order to stop hypertension based well – rounded and healthy eating plan. Supported by the research that this diet plan has been proven as the way to decrease the high blood pressure and even recommended in medical way. 

Furthermore, it is also recommended by American Heart Association and U.S. Department of Health and Human Service. Based on the research, this diet however works well as the basis form of new USDA food program which recommend 2,000 calories in a day.

Healthy DASH Diet with Low Calorie

 Healthy DASH Diet with Low Calorie

What other benefits you can get through DASH diet?

It is not about using dash diet menu to help reducing the risk of high blood pressure or to keep your Heart stay healthy. In fact, by using DASH diet as the way against obesity as the other benefits you get through DASH diet. In this condition, it is recommended for the people who wants to do DASH diet to lose weight by consulting to nutritionist or doctor since every person’s calorie needs are not same. 

Another argument about DASH diet is about its flexibility and healthy. It integrates to the wide range of individual cuisines and food preferences includes for healthy vegetarian diet because there are a lot of choices for cereals, yogurt, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and many more. One important thing is this diet required exercise.

How to get low calorie in a day through Dash diet plan?

To do this, differentiate the time of breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can have 1 cup cooked oatmeal, low fat milk, orange juice and ½ cup of fresh or frozen berries. Provide nuts and vegetable juice as a snack. After all, you can have lunch with a large whole grain roll, low salad, grilled skinless chicken breast and a cup of leafy green. After lunch, you can enjoy a medium sized apple, low fat yogurt and ½ cup whole grain crackers. Consume a cup whole grain rice, a cup of cooked vegetable, ½ cup of dry cooked beans and cooked salmon. While for snack after dinner you can have a cup of grain cereal with low fat milk. For more about the menu of your DASH diet, you can find out by searching about some books that provides you more about low caloriediet. See more Preparing Healthy Dinner Food Ideas

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