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Simplest Way to Do Healthy Hair Treatment

Simplest Way to Do Healthy Hair Treatment
Healthy hair care will improve your self – esteem because it can make you look good anywhere you go. Healthy hair means that you have a strong and shiny hair. To support your healthy hair, you can have a diet packed with nutrients and vitamins because those two are the main actors to support your hair to be healthier. In order to protect it from heat damage so that you can maintain the shine and healthiness, you can pamper your hair through some ways available here. 

Simplest Way to Do Healthy Hair Treatment

Simplest Way to Do Healthy Hair Treatment


How to have healthy hair?

  1. Use warm water. It is recommended to use warm water for washing your hair and rinse with cold or cool to promote the shine. Apply a good quality conditioner and shampoo. Go for your natural product if you can and make sure you use a right formula for your hair type and scalp condition which means that you do not need to spend any fortunes. One important thing is do not even wash your hair everyday unless you have a dirty job or highly active to work. Just wash your hair two or three days to keep you from stripping out the nutrients and oils.
  2. Skip using curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and other heat styling tools as the healthy hair tips since it can make your hair in damage condition and dry. Use cool dryers, curlers and other free or low – heat tools.
  3. Chemical treatment is not recommended. Straightening, coloring and perms could seriously damage your hair condition. Frequent chemical treatment will give a long term damage for your hair which means that healthy hair vitamins is required.
  4. Avoid any brushes since it can pull and then damage hair. It is better for you to choose a pick or wide tooth comb if you have curls. To avoid scalp damage, it is recommended for you to never use anything that designed from a hard metal or sharp ends. It could be said that you will need to use rounded end comb.
  5. If you need a deep conditioning treatment, you can do massage mayonnaise into your hair down from the root to the end. Let it set 5 to 7 minutes and keep it off your scalp. Shampoo and condition as usual for the next. The benefits are you add a lot of shine and moisture your dry hair through this healthy hair treatment.

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