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Understanding Common and Uncommon Healthy Bone Disorders

Understanding Common and Uncommon Healthy Bone Disorders
Low bone disease or known as osteoporosis is a serious and common medical condition that connected to aging problem. In this condition, it can increase the fractures bone and place the sufferers into a greater risk toward the event of a fracture. 

Bone disease is often found in monopouse aged. However, that does not mean osteoporosis can not be found in women or men in the productive age. This bone disorder resulting in decreased bone strength or porous so it hurt when move. Osteoporosis is usually caused by lack of calcium in the bones.

The older a person's bone density decreases also a certain level, bone density reaches a critical point and arises what is called osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis can be prevented by exercising regularly. The road is a light exercise but have a major impact on the density and bone health. Exercise strengthens bones because of nutrition and food during exercise is also maintained.

Drinking milk can also strengthen bones, those who are already in a state of osteoporosis is recommended to consume calcium, either pill or milk regularly. The common condition followed by the high – density bones. 

Some research now still seek about the causes of high bone density as the way to discover the new ways to fight osteoporosis since rare medical conditions cause this problem. 

Understanding Common and Uncommon Healthy Bone Disorders

Understanding Common and Uncommon Healthy Bone Disorders

What are the facts related to healthy bone disorders?

The overwhelming emphasis toward osteoporosis in the medical association, high bone later tends to go unrecognized and even understudied. In fact, World Health Organization still has not placed any upper limit for bone mass density in the normal category as the common measure of bone health. It is categorized as normal for anyone over a certain level of bone density which then research stated that this measurement methods for individual with healthy bone disorders will get missed diagnosis. 

The second fact is about the types of bone disorders. University of Michigan stated that high bone density is often linked to body. For instance, you will have denser bone if you have heavier muscle. It may has a genetic basis for individual who has high bone density with normal weight. The last is about the risk for high bone density. Based on study done by University of Arizona, it showed that there is a possible connection between breast cancer problems and high bone density.

What problems related to bone disorders?

Osteopetrosis disease risks could occur and this is categorized as a rare genetic disorder case. The sign could be seen from the result of X – rays that the individuals with osteopetrosis will have a higher bone density areas. While in a normal people, bone grow constantly and in a consistent way through density and size continuously. 

It means that in the case of osteopetrosis, the bones cannot properly reabsorbed in the process of growth. Not only that, but they also fragile and porous within denser. Another category of bone disorder could be osteoclerosis as a condition of overproduction toward new bone. The symptoms could be seen from the genetic expression which is specifically in certain areas of skeleton such as long bones and the skull. It could be caused by chronic inflammation, infection and injury that lead to the bone disorder signs.

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Understanding Common and Uncommon Healthy Bone Disorders
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