Tuesday, August 13, 2013

health benefits keeping a beard

The Benefits of Having Beard

The woman could be argued that the beard makes the man's face was neat and reduce the level of cleanliness. Though Beard was able to provide health benefits as well you know.

Here are the health benefits that can be obtained man who has a beard, as reported by Shine! (18/07).

health benefits keeping a beard

health benefits keeping a beard

1. Beard can Protect from sunlight
Research from the University of Southern Queensland suggests that the beard can prevent 90-95 percent of the sun's UV rays. This will slow down the aging process of skin da reduce the risk of skin cancer. The thicker beard in waja men, the higher the level of protection.

2. Beard Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms
For men who have allergies and asthma caused by dust, beard can be a filter and prevent the symptoms of asthma and allergies come.

3. Beard Reduce the signs of aging
By protecting the face from the sun, the beard can also reduce the symptoms of aging and make the face moist. Beard could protect the face from wind and cold air can make dry skin.

4. Beard Benefits preventing the flu
Thick beard that is under the chin to the neck will increase the temperature at the neck and prevent the flu, according to researchers from Birmingham Tichology Centre. Beard could act as a barrier to the cold air.

5. Beard Reduce infection
Let the beard and mustache elongated means you do not often do the shaving. Shaved his beard cause infections in areas of the face, but it can be reduced if you do not often shave his beard.

Five of the above are some of the benefits that can be obtained if you let the beard stays long. Who knows by knowing these benefits, the couple will let you have a beard.

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