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Steam Cell Therapy for Healthy and Beauty

Healthy and Beauty with Stem Cell Therapy

Steam Cell Therapy for Healthy and Beauty

Stem Cell Therapy can now be done by anyone. This type of therapy is no longer just useful in the world of health, but also venturing into the world of aesthetics.

WORLD medicine continues to grow rapidly. Several years ago, storing umbilical cord shortly after birth had a conversation. 

Benefits that can be used to cure a variety of diseases that may be suffered by the baby as an adult, the main attraction at the same time 'thrust' because the storage costs are very expensive.

However, not many know that placenta storage is part of Stem Cell therapy. Now, this type of therapy can be used by adults, although not previously been storing umbilical cord. 

Even the use of Stem Cell is no longer the monopoly of the health part, but also venturing into the world of beauty or aesthetics. The cost is no more exorbitant.



Embryonic stem cell (Embryonic Stem Cell)
Stem Cell is obtained when individual development is still in an embryonic stage. Embryonic Stem Cell is the beginning of all cell types in the human body. Classified as a stem cell that is pluripotent.

Stem Cell adults (Adult Stem Cell)
Stem Cell found among the other cells that have been differentiated, in a network that has undergone maturation. In other words, adult stem cells are a group of undifferentiated cells, even sometimes found in an inactive state, on a network that has a specific function in the body of the individual. 

The existence of stem cells is thought to aim to maintain tissue homeostasis where he is. Based on existing scientific evidence, the ability of adult stem cell differentiation of multipotent classified.

What exactly is meant by system Stem Cell? How effective their use? The extent to which the application in the world of beauty and how this type of therapy work? To understand further, following an interview with Dr Agung Pranoto SpKK, skin specialists from RS Meilia Cibubur.

What is the method of Stem Cell?

Stem Cell method is an action to replace cells damaged, lost or diminished ability to stem cells that have the ability to turn into cells needed. There are two types of this kind of therapy, the Embryonic Stem Cell derived from umbilical cord stored moment the baby is born and some are Adult Stem Cell, taken from adult tissue, such as from bone marrow, peripheral blood, central nervous system, adipocytes (network fat), skeletal muscle and pancreas. Same point to health and later venturing into the world of beauty.

What are Stem Cell Benefits for health and what can be done?

TheStem Cell benefits is to replace cells that have been damaged. Its application can be used for cardiac surgery, bone, beauty, hair loss, wounds, and others. The system is also useful for treating diabetes, Parkinson's, stroke, and many more.

How steam cell therapy works and what can be done For the beauty purpose?
In the beauty world, Stem Cell therapy is very beneficial, Among for Anti-aging, remove wrinkles, whiten skin, remove acne and scars, remove scars, regenerate skin cells, moisturizes the skin, add the cheeks and forehead (filler), fill the shortage of parts of the face. even can also be used to provide nutrients for the skin, overcome strechmark, and hair loss.

Is the removal of tissue in adults painful?
Not! By using specific techniques that can be done by a specialist, taking untukk adult tissue stem cell therapy is not painful impact.

Are there any steam cell therapy side effects?
Not! According to the context in which it used the Stem Cell nucleus cells that can regenerate areas, then there are no side effects that arise from this type of treatment.

What kind of preparation to prepare the patient for steam cell therapy?
For beauty is relatively no preparation. General principle, patients will consult with specialist doctors, expressing the intention and purpose, then observations, after the action is done in a laboratory scale to obtain the cell nucleus.

How long to see results and how long the recovery after the steam cell therapy?
With one immediate action can be seen the results and does not require any down time (recovery). But it certainly depends also on the natural response of each individual or patient.

How much percent success rate?
There has been no specific research, because this technique is relatively new and somewhat continues to experience growth in the scientific aspects and knowledge.

How much the cost of steam cell therapy?
Price of steam cell therapy is relatively inexpensive, depending on the action taken, which is the key of this act of communication between doctor and patient course.

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Steam Cell Therapy for Healthy and Beauty
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