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Health Benefits of infant massage

Health Benefits of infant massage

Health Benefits of infant massage

Infant massage is not only believed to make the baby relax, more than that, activities that involve 'skin to skin contact' can deepen the emotional connection between mother and baby.

Please note in advance that the activity of infant massage should not be done except by the mother or therapist who already know the correct massage techniques. Risk of sprains can occur if the baby massage without the right knowledge.

Baby's bones and joints are still vulnerable and at risk of injury if a massage with the wrong technique. Consultation with your doctor or a therapist to learn how to massage baby baby properly.

Health Benefits of infant massage

Health Benefits of infant massage1. Train the neural response. one of the benefits of baby massage is to stimulate and train the neural response of the baby. 

Soft pressure and massage in some parts of the baby's body along with the scent of the mother is the ideal condition to train neural responses baby.

2. Increase breast milk consumption. According to Dr. Noor Idha Handajani SPK-FR, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists dr Soetomo,  infant massage can increase nutrient absorption qualities of breast milk so that babies become hungry faster. As a result, your child will be more frequent feeding.

3. Because breast milk consumption increases, weight also increases. Thus indirectly, infant massage activities can improve the baby's weight.

4. Reduce pain disorder due to colic and flatulence. Proper way of massage can relieve symptoms of colic in babies include helping out of gas contained in the baby's stomach. The gas will usually cause discomfort to the baby so the baby becomes fussy.

5. Build emotional bond between the child and the mother. 'Skin to skin contact' between infant and mother, eye contact, smile and facial expressions mothers is a form of nonverbal communication between mother and baby.

6. Improve immunity system. According to a study conducted by the Touch Research Institute, Florida, USA, activities that infant massage can actually increase the production of white blood cell role in combating the disease from outside sources.

7. Improve the quality of sleep. Infant massage will make baby more relaxed and improve the blood
infant massage Health Benefits
circulation. Generated a sense of comfort that will trigger a good quality sleep. Make a habit of massaging your baby after feeding enough to improve the quality of sleep.

8. In addition to the above benefits, the right baby massage can also increase the supply of oxygen, increased senses sensory function, circulation of nutrients in the body, and raise awareness to her baby.

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