Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cure Diabetes With Watermelon Seed

Citrullus lanatus or a watermelon is a fruit vine, which contains a lot of water. Reddish flesh color really tempting to eat at a sweltering afternoon.

Watermelon is preferred because refreshing sweet flesh, easily available and the price is cheap. Watermelon contains 6 percent sugar and 92 percent water. The red color on the flesh of watermelon is caused by lycopene content, which is also contained in other red fruits like tomatoes.

Usually we will discard the seeds while eating watermelon. But who would have thought, it turns out watermelon seeds also have important benefits for health.

Watermelon Seed health benefitsBenefits of Watermelon Seeds

1. The contents of watermelon seeds are rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, fats and calories that are essential for the day-to-day nutrition. Watermelon seeds can also be used as a diet drug that has been modified in the form of seeds.

2.  When watermelon seeds converted dry seeds also have another benefit that is as anti-cancer agents and to treat kidney problems.

3.  Some other benefits of watermelon seeds are able to reduce inflammation in the bladder and as bowel moisturize.

4.  In addition, lycopene in watermelon are also good for your skin face.

6.  Watermelon seeds can recover health after illness and also sharpen your memory useful for the elderly.

7.  For the men, lycopene is useful to improve male fertility and also passion.

8.  In fact, according to a study, watermelon seeds has a similar function with the famous patent medicines but did not have any side effects even watermelon seeds is almost equivalent to soy nutrition.

9.  We have also been introduced to the market milk made from the seeds of the watermelon seeds has many benefits compared to cow's milk, because it is very good to include in your diet list.

Watermelon Seeds For Diabetes

Here we share one way to cure your diabetes by using watermelon seeds.
  • Take 1 handful of watermelon seeds
  • Boil watermelon seeds in a quart of water to a boil at approximately (45 minutes) and then cover the pan.
  • After 45 minutes, cooled boiled water before
  • Ready to drink every day
That is the benefits of watermelon seeds for a healthy body. So, if you consume watermelon, do not throw the seeds. Enjoy the freshness of the fruit and save the seeds to be processed later

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