Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is the cause of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in women can not be underestimated. Because the condition can make a slit in a couple harmonious. Even so, there was no need to worry. Because knowing the end of the problem and re-run the base of a healthy life is the key to resolve the problem.

Women experience problems with sexual function at some point in their lives. Sexual dysfunction is quite common that affect nearly 30-50 percent of women globally.

Sexual dysfunction in women themselves occur due to several causes. For example, because of injury or trauma of the genital area of ​​the hip, surgical intervention, medical condition, imbalance hormonal, and medications can cause sexual dysfunction.

Not only that, the American Psychological Association (APA) classifies female sexual problems. Want to know? Following his presentation, as reported Mediindia:
  1. Mental disorder that causes loss of sexual desire

  2. Discomfort during intercourse

  3. Blood flow to the vagina-reduced

  4. Reluctance because of past traumas bad sex

  5. Inability to achieve orgasm
If you have any sexual problem, do not panic. Because almost all the causes of sexual dysfunction can be treated. One of them, communicating concerns to understand the cause of the couple and respond in a positive way is an important step to restore a woman's sexual life.

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