Sunday, September 15, 2013

Appropriate Size Bra, Prevent Breast Cancer

The Benefits of Using Appropriate Size Bra to Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer haunts today’s women. There is tons of information available to explain the symptoms and precautions. This is one fact that you should know.

Lisa Roberts, was a person who lives to tell what she was having and didn’t see it coming. A incurable breast cancer appeared on her breast and it could take her life.

She never had any symptoms or lumps, only some minor mark left by her daily bra. It indicated that the ill-fitted bra is a factor responsible for cancer.

As her story spread, it knocked a lot of people’s conscious to raise money for her treatment in US. Lisa had three tumors on her spine.

Lisa hoped that her story could make people, man or woman to stay alert for breast cancer and always check their body to prevent the cancer.

She said that most people were mistaken and only need to look for lumps, but that’s not true. Lisa never had any sickness or lumps before.

In fact, it’s the mark created by badly fitted bra that initiated the lethal condition. Lisa is now under treatment with donated fund from Kick Cancer Campaign. Although the doctor said it’s incurable, Lisa hope that she can be well again.

Ladies, keep on guard and don’t be afraid to have a check up, to prevent from more serious conditions.

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