Sunday, September 15, 2013

Avoid Obesity ; Prevent Breast Cancer

The Benefits of Avoid Obesity to Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer

Avoid Obesity ; Prevent Breast Cancer

Ladies, as a woman, sure we have some discussion about healthy with friends, right? Among the handful of topic, breast cancer may one of the hot topic to talk about. Now, have heard that breast cancer is unpreventable? Yes, some people take it as a fact. When it comes, it comes and there’s nothing to do that can stop it. Is there?

According to this statement is not necessarily to be accurate. Indeed, there are some factors can cause breast cancer that we can’t control, such as genetics, hereditary and our age when having the first period and menopause.

There’s no known ways to absolutely prevent cancer. But there are some factors that we can control that may reduce the risk of breast cancer

For instance, to control body weight and avoiding obesity. We are all aware that obesity is a responsible factor for breast cancer.

But then, how to prevent obesity?
That can be done by tend to our regular diet. Let’s rearrange the menu and throw away some fat.
Now, the next thing we can control is our activities. A recent research shows that in average active women have 25% lower risk to have breast cancer than those less active ones.
So, let’s be picky about myth, shall we?

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