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Health Indicators of Woman Genital Organ

Health Indicators of Woman Genital Organ

Compared to male genitals, vagina in women is more often problematic because it lies within. If cleanliness is not really well maintained, disorders such as itching, odor and vaginal discharge often occurs.

Unfortunately, many women are embarrassed to ask when he sees something wrong with the genitals. To solve the problem the following indicators to examine the state of the vagina itself.

4 Health Indicators of Woman Genital Organ

1. Humidity levels
"It's easy, put your little finger into the vagina surface and touch the walls of your vagina. Feel humidity. Such is approximately normal vaginal moisture, " said dr. Ryan Thamrin, specialist genitals doctor.

Moisture can be reduced due to several things including menopause. When the humidity is reduced, does not need too problematic, unless you feel this situation disturbing your intimate relationship with your partner. The solution, among others, use of lubricants ( artificial lubricant ), consumption of soy products and vitamin E.

2. Odor
Normally vagina does not smell, but when they appear odor like rancid odor, there may have been fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Normal mucus
Whether normal or mucus discharge from the vagina can be seen from the color and viscosity. Normally, mucus translucent color and viscosity such as baby oil or egg white. Usually occurs before the fertile period and in the fertile period.

If the color is white and more concentrated as body lotion, is relatively normal as usually happens after ovulation or fertile period ends or when sexually stimulated.

4. Abnormal mucus
Abnormal condition is when the fluid that comes out thick and the color is yellowish, greenish, or brown, because there has been inflammation and bacterial and fungal infections.

Causes include use of antibiotics in a long time, so that the normal flora balance disturbed. It could also be because the immune system is not working properly, the use of birth control pills, or unhealthy sex.

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Health Indicators of Woman Genital Organ
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