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Toe Ring Health Benefits

In India, as reported by Boldsky, story that the toe ring has a lot of tradition and relationship with health. Generally there, even wedding rings worn on both feet, at the foot of the index finger.

This tradition reportedly had been there since the first Ramayana legend. That said, Shinta throwing her wedding ring in the area of ​​Sri Lanka when kidnapped by Ravana, so he can find it.

Now, it's just some people are still running the tradition. Even if there are still doing it, it was not only limited to wedding traditions run.

According to the Indian, wearing a toe ring has many health benefits, especially in terms of female fertility. The following are the health benefits that can be gleaned when women wear toe rings.

Make Menstruation smoothly
The first reason India women wear toe rings after marriage is for smooth menstruation. Indeed, there are no studies that may explain the association with menstruation toe rings. But researchers estimate there are nerve points pressed while wearing toe rings, which can help make menstrual so regularly and smoothly.

With the activity and high stress, menstruation is generally so distracted. There is no harm if you try it this way, isn't it?

the balance of the uterus
In order uterus balanced and healthy, you are advised to wear toe rings on both feet forefinger. Nerve points should be pressed them together so balanced. The nerves associated with the uterus and also the heart.

Wear toe rings on both feet will help keep the uterus and reproductive fertility.

Good energy conductor
Indian ladies toe rings are made of silver, where silver is a good conductor of energy. So when you walk away, the silver material will channel good energy from the ground, and transferred to your body.

According to Ayurveda, it is good to put some metal in the body for energy to be balanced.
Ooh, so it turns out that yes the reason Indian women wear toe rings. So not just a reason to make it more stylish fashion, but also to carry on the tradition and maintain health.

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Toe Ring Health Benefits
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