Saturday, December 07, 2013

5 Habits that Make Slim

Have a desirable body shape is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. It takes intention and effort to get it. Then, after the effort it takes to get it was to maintain it.

Although not easy, the ideal body shape can actually be obtained and maintained by living habits of a small but significant following :

1. Actively moving
Research shows that many people move to burn 350 more calories per day than those who mostly silent. This amount is equivalent to running for 60 minutes, or about 6.4 miles. Many moves do not need to exercise, but activities like call while standing, get up every hour, often run counter to colleagues, to pick up the stairs instead of the elevator. Many move also will keep you from disease such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

2. Eating without distractions
Multitasking eating is one of the main enemies have the ideal body shape. Because when not focus on food that will not receive a signal "fullness" of the stomach. This is what makes the desire to eat remained there despite the fact that the body is getting enough calories. Therefore, make it a habit to eat without doing any activity, such as watching TV or working.

3. Plan is eaten
The habit of counting calorie intake of foods that will be eaten directly will have an impact on body weight. The reason, by calculating, we will be more observant estimate equilibrium between caloric intake and expenditure. That's why people who are used to calculate the calories tend to be slimmer. For example, you plan to eat popcorn while watching a movie. Popcorn contains about 300 calories. So make sure you did not eat food with high calories, so you are more " flexible " while eating popcorn.

4. Eating so hungry, stop before satiety
When you want to eat, make sure if you are really hungry or just bored and want to taste the taste of food. If really hungry, then eat but try to stop when hunger is gone and before satiety. The stomach is too full of food difficult to digest and increase the risk of acid reflux. And if you just get tired, do not concentrate on the food, but other activities that can drive your bored.

5. Eat foods are preferred
Diet method that limits the types of food that should be eaten may have limitations. It is precisely because this method makes people dissatisfied with foods and other foods tend to want a more satisfying. As a result, he intake over caloric needs. Then you should still eat foods that you like, but processed in a healthy and edible portions are not excessive.

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