Saturday, December 07, 2013

"Baby Yoga" Optimize Your Baby's Development

Yoga can be done not only by adults but also by children, even babies. According to coach Tina Maladi child yoga, yoga can help more optimal infant development.

Tina said, in general yoga has many benefits for both physical and mental. The benefits can be felt as well as for the baby and mother are with him.

" After all yoga baby needs help the baby 's mother or companion, so the class is called mom and baby yoga, " said the founder of the Jakarta Kids Yoga class when found in Namaste Festival in Jakarta, Saturday ( 12/30/2013 ).

Baby yoga, he added, could be done since the baby started at the age of three months to four months. According to him, it was done for security reasons, because the baby is at least three or four months old already have physically strong enough to perform yoga movements.

Baby yoga movement, said Tina, yoga is not the same as in adults. Although in principle, breathing exercises, range of motion, asanas, savanas remains in baby yoga.

" But more to the guidance method of communication, so I teach my baby to be able to recognize the people around him, more conscious with her ​​, " he said.

Tina explained, by doing yoga, infant motor skills honed so that its development is expected to be optimal. Though he could not guarantee the difference because every baby is definitely unique.

Not only provide benefits to the baby, mom and baby yoga is also useful for the mother or baby companion while doing yoga. " There was even a special yoga exercises for pregnant women to nourish both mother and fetus, " he said.

Meanwhile, Tina explains baby yoga also has an age limit for infants. If the baby is able to walk, he said, it should follow the toddler yoga classes, yoga for toddlers.

" If it can walk, doing yoga while her mother feared the baby would not shut up and walk around disturbing other participants. Having said that, the method of teaching yoga for babies who can walk another, namely toddler yoga, " he said.

In teaching toddler yoga, Tina more use of support tools such as colorful feathers, imitation fruit, and others. It was in order to make the atmosphere more pleasant, especially for toddlers who are generally easily bored.

" Teaching children to be creative yoga teaching methods create a fun, yet still provide benefits, " he concluded.

Other kids yoga instructor Michael Gonzalez Wallace said, yoga can stimulate motor responses so good for children's development. Yoga, he said, can also distract children from gadgets hardly be separated from the lives of children today.

When using the gadget, said Wallace, children tend to be passive so that less developed motor skills. " By doing yoga, balance of mind, body, and soul can be repaired so that the performance expectations of the brain could be a lot better, " said Wallace.

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