Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Effective Yoga Prevent Depression?

Yoga is a sport that has long been recognized as an antidote to stress and depression. In fact many studies have been conducted to support the statement.

One of the studies that prove the link yoga with stress that is reported in the journal Medical Hypotheses. The study found the effect of yoga on the brain that play a role in the formation of stress. Stress is known as a major trigger of depression.

" Yoga is lowered stress yoga movements could actually fix unbalance nervous system, " says lead researcher Dr.Chris Streeter, professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine.

The researchers believe that, when a person experiences stress, an imbalance in the brain area. The balance disorders including low activity in the area of ​​the brain called gamma - amino butyric acid ( GABA ). The unactive GABA is also found in people with epilepsy, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ardi Dharmawan Purnama, SpKJ, a psychiatrist from the Mental Hospital Dr Suharto Heerdjan said, yoga is able to cope with the depression because exercise helps principals to focus on yourself.

" The principle may be such as mindfulness training, which aims to train to be more self- aware and environment, " he said on the sidelines of a mental health seminar last weekend in Tangerang.

According Darmawan, to prevent depression, a person also needs to abandon the habit of judging negatively to everything. Although, naturally people tend to judge negatively, but need to train yourself to change it.

In the same occasion, Dr. Elly Inkiriwang, SpKJ of the Faculty of Medicine Ukrida say, depression can be avoided if one can learn to accept the reality of injustice in his life.

" The attitude is unfair and not good in return for your good efforts over a law rather than the exception, " he said.

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