Monday, December 16, 2013

Throw Loneliness with Meditation

To kill loneliness, many people fill the day with partying, hanging out with friends, or go to the shopping center. The effort is not wrong, but there are way cheaper and easier, that is meditation.

Meditation is a relaxation practice by clearing the mind of all things interesting, overburden, or worrying about the day-to- day life, according to a study to prevent loneliness. Meditation also would reduce the inflammation as a starting point for a serious disease that emotionally draining.

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles and Carnegie Mellon University in Pitsburg examined adults for eight weeks. Research based on the reduction of stress by adjusting the current mind, closing the past and projecting the future.

" Meditation training can help people get out of feeling depressed, " said J. David Creswell from Carnegie Melleon.

This small pilot study involving 40 adult women aged mostly 50-85 years. They were randomly divided into groups that perform meditation, and meditation group did. For two months, the feeling of loneliness and blood pressure as a marker of inflammation of the respondents was measured from the beginning to the end of the study.

Group meditation for weeks doing individual meditation program, the control group, as well as awareness training at home. They were accompanied by the leading instructors, guides yoga and stretching, as well as a discussion based on the experience of the respondents.

The results of this study provide guidelines that the simplest form of meditation can affect adult health, as well as dispel loneliness. However, this study can not directly formulate whether the decrease inflammation mean a person suffering from certain diseases.

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