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6 Food as natural antibiotic

Antibiotics are an organic material derived from microbes that are toxic and can inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. High value in the treatment of infectious diseases, especially in the selective toxicity, which was shown to cause the disease, but not to the infected host. It has been proven now that many classes of antibiotics showed their toxicity due to the fact that selectively target is a structure (function) that special either prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells.

Antibiotics are all chemical compounds produced by living organisms or obtained through synthesis that have a high index of chemotherapy, and the manifestation of its activity occurs at very low doses. As well as specifically through inhibition of vital processes specific to the virus, microorganism, or a variety of single-celled organisms compound. In terms of workability, antibiotics can be distinguished in a group of bacteriostatic antibiotics and antibiotic bakterisidik. The first group inhibits bacterial growth and development. Being the second working group of the deadly bacteria.

In general, antibiotics are issued bakteriosida effects on susceptible organisms by inhibiting cell wall synthesis, cytoplasmic membrane damage, inhibits the biosynthesis of proteins and inhibit the synthesis of nucleic acids. Penicillin is an antibiotic produced by Penicillium notatum. Penicillin has the advantage of being very prominent in removing lethal action on susceptible organisms by inhibiting cell wall peptidoglycan synthesis of the bacterial cell wall of the microorganism thus formed will eventually weaken the bacteria can be deadly.

1. Red Onions
Red onions contain sulfur which is believed to contain many antibacterial and diuretic substances. Syrup or drugs made from onion efficacious as ekspekstoran that help remove mucus from the bronchi, lungs, and trachea. Additionally syrup or drugs made from onion efficacious against inflammation and improving blood flow.

2. Garlic.
it was believed Long ago as a natural antibiotic because it is able to fight colds and fever. The content of allicin in the garlic has a strong taste and smell, and have theurapeutic substances that can be used to reduce pain and healing treatment of disease. According to the research, garlic can lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Even based on the results of a recent study, garlic proved to be effective for treating food poisoning compared to modern medicine.

3. green tea
It is true that green tea is not strong antibiotics, but based on the research results of green tea can help the performance of the antibiotic. Green tea contains high aktioksidan and very beneficial for the body. Green tea contains caffeine that is low and is able to make the weak bacteria to antibiotics.

4. Honey
Honey is useful for infections and injuries, especially if the use of Manuka honey. This honey comes from bees that are exclusively given manuka plants in Australia and New Zealand. Manuka honey is well known antibiotics. Antimicrobial enzymes contained in the honey will release hydrogen peroxide which is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the internal and external bacterial infections, such as stomach ulcers. With just a drop of Manuka honey, the infection will be resolved.

5. echinacea
This plant is capable of when in the form of extracts against various bacteria, insect bites, and also viruses. In addition, echinacea is also beneficial to stimulate the immune system white blood cell that is more robust and effective in fighting infection. Based on the results of the study, with Echinacea supplements on a regular basis, your immune system is stronger and less susceptible to diseases, such as colds. But not advisable to consume these supplements continuously since its effectiveness will be reduced. It is recommended to consume only for a few weeks only, especially when you are sick and endurance are declining.

6. Oregano
Known as the king of natural antibiotics in several studies and research. As quoted from Care2, oregano oil has a very strong antibiotic benefits compared to other materials.

In a study conducted by Paul Belaiche, oregano oil is able to kill 96% of bacteria pneumococcus, 92% of bacteria Neisseria, Proteus bacteria and staphylococcus bacteria. Strein and Neisseria bacteria is often found in diseases gonorrhea and meningitis. While Proteus bacteria found in the intestinal infections, and staphylococcus bacteria are often found in foods that are toxic.

It is said also, oregano oil is able to act as an antibiotic which accelerates the healing of sore throat, fever, rheumatism, outside infections, and anorexia.

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6 Food as natural antibiotic
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