Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Distinguish Lump Tumor and Cancer on Breast

Breast cancer is a serious threat to women. How not, the prevalence of first rank at most types of cancer in women, both in the world. For that, she needs to be more vigilant with the routine examination of the breasts.

However, not all breast lumps are cancerous. In fact, only 15 percent of lumps that can develop into cancer. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association of Indonesian Oncology ( PP POI ) Dradjat Ryanto Suardi said, in addition to the lump cancerous tumors can be benign, but they still need to watch out.

" Benign tumors are not more dangerous than cancer because it does not cause its host organ failure, " he said in a press conference Breast Cancer Expert Forum with the theme " Transforming Advanced Breast Cancer at the Molecular Level ", Saturday in Jakarta.

Dradjat also explain the differences between them, the first cancer to grow faster than tumors. In 8-200 days, the cancer cells can divide very quickly. While benign tumors grow more slowly.

Second, when touched, cancer lump feels solid and hard. " Cancer cells when palpable feeling it will be like a bone, " said oncology surgeon Hasan Sadikin Hospital ( RSHS ), Bandung, this.

Meanwhile, the tumor will be palpable lump is more lenient. Dradjat explained, lumps tumors can undergo a shift if pressed, unlike rigid cancer. This is because cancer cells generally do infiltration ( infiltration ) to the surrounding tissues, it is difficult to driven.

" Lumps of cancer that has progressed further also cause changes in the surface of the breast, for example, are attracted to the nipple, it was because of infiltration, " he said.

In the same occasion, the Head of Sub-Directorate of the Ministry of Health Cancer Niken Wastu Palupi, breast examination performed regularly will increase the sensitivity of inspectors to detect any lumps. That is, the ability to distinguish between cancerous lumps and tumors also increased.

" If you routinely perform breast self-examination, measuring 1.2 centimeter lump can be felt already, " he said.

Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of breast cells become malignant. Currently, breast cancer is the most common cancer suffered by women around the world. In Indonesia, cases of breast cancer accounted for 35 percent of the total cancer cases.

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