Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Type of Women with High Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can attack anyone, regardless of the presence or absence of risk factors. However, in women with certain conditions, the risk of breast cancer is higher.

Women with a high risk of breast cancer among those who had their first child over the age of 30. Women who gave birth to her first child over the age of 30 have a higher risk of breast cancer is two to three times higher than women who had a first child under the age of 20.

Mothers who do not breastfeed are also at higher risk of developing breast cancer. Comparison, mothers who do not breastfeed risk of breast cancer 2.5 times higher than the breastfeeding mother to four children.

Women who have never given birth are also at risk 1.5 times higher than women who gave birth to three children.

Family history is also one risk factor for breast cancer. Risk is higher in people who have family members with breast cancer. If there is one person of the family who had breast cancer, the risk is twice as high in other family members. If there are two people from families affected by breast cancer, increases the risk of high, up to three to five times higher.

Women, whatever the circumstances, need to be vigilant because being a woman is the first risk factor for breast cancer. Other risk factors to watch out for are age, family history, genetics, being overweight, consuming alcohol, not exercising, your first period before age 12, the use of family planning, have a high posture, and those with higher socioeconomic status.

" There is no risk factor does not mean there can get breast cancer. Therefore, regular screening is important, most easily by ' knowing ' ( check your own breasts ), " advises Dr. Ronald A Hukom, MHSC, SpPD - KHOM of current events Dharmais Cancer Hospital Philips Mom2Mom Breast Cancer Awareness Talk in Jakarta, some time ago.

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