Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beware of Bone Cancer Symptoms In Men

According to various studies, bone cancer is more common in men than women. It is not yet clear underlying, but you need to know the symptoms.

Most people will ignore the problems that occur in bone. In fact, if the bone cancer reached a stage where it can not be treated anymore, it would be dangerous and lead to death.

Here are some of the symptoms of bone cancer in men, as reported from onlymyhealth, Friday, namely :

1. painful
Pain is the most common symptom in all types of bone cancer in men, both primary and secondary cancer. This is because cancer cells put pressure on the nerves and tissues in the bone. Bone cancer is often on the legs, spine, ribs, and pelvic region. The pain is usually experienced at night or when doing certain activities.

Pain can also be felt in the form of back pain, due to the pressure pressing on the nerves around the spinal cord. If you experience back pain that is persistent, consult your condition to your doctor.

If the condition is diagnosed late and treated by a doctor, are likely to be more severe and cause paralysis, which means the total damage to the skeletal system of the body.

2. Appears bumps and swelling on the bone
Swelling around the affected area of cancer is also a very common symptom of bone cancer. Swelling can also occur when you hit something hard, but the swelling will not go away even after treatment. If blisters form and does not disappear for weeks, immediately consult your condition to your doctor.

3. Losing weight and appetite
Symptoms of bone cancer can also be demonstrated by reduced appetite and weight loss drastically. Even when you wish to increase your appetite, you may not be able to eat much. This leads to weight loss and fatigue.

4. Weakness Bone
Cancer cells effectively weakens the bone and nerve tissue in the cancer attacked. So, when you Tsedang fairly strenuous activity, you will feel your bones are too weak to move.

The tension on the bone is much larger than normal and forces you to rest for some time before moving back part of the bone. The weakening of the nerves in the spine can be very traumatic and dangerous.

5. Fever, nausea and vomiting
These symptoms are less common in nature bone cancer patients, but need to watch out because some people also show these signs. The level of calcium in the blood that can lead to increased fever, nausea and vomiting.

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