Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Way Boost Immunity to Overcome Cancer

A group of U.S. researchers found a way to boost the immune degrees in an effort to attack the cancer cells.

Immune system in the human body that is balanced with a very neatly designed to directly attack foreign substances that enter the body, but not on the part of the existing network within its own body.

From the results of tests on animals, the study showed changing patterns of this balance could be driveway maintenance efforts against cancer, wrote a team of researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Medicine.

There are many types of diseases caused by the body 's immune system to attack his own body tissue changes, such as type 1 diabetes or multiple sclerosis.
' New immune therapy '

One important point in this research effort targeting the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases are a result of Treg cells.

These cells are part of the immune system which in normal conditions would serve soothe the entire network to prevent the immune system attacks the body itself.

The researchers tried to interfere with the work of these Treg cells, to encourage the immune system is affected so then release the attack against cancer cells.

One of the researchers, Dr. Wayne Hancock, said : " We have to find ways to reduce the work function of Treg cells in order to perform the task of anti- tumor without causing auto immune reaction. "

In this study the experts bred mice that lacked Treg chemicals needed in order to work effectively. Experts then inject drugs that produce the same effect as a normal living mice.

In both experiments the movement of the immune system is able to limit the growth of one type of lung cancer.

" These results really change the field of research in the direction of a new drug that is a very great potential to be a new immune therapies against cancer, " said Dr. Hancock.

Nevertheless progress in that direction is predicted to last long.

Still it takes a series of further tests are needed to determine whether the same process can be manipulated in the immune system before it can be tested clinically in humans.

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