Thursday, February 20, 2014

Identify 9 the symptoms of an asthma attack!

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder that can be caused by genetic or environmental factors around. Try to recognize the symptoms of an asthma attack, as reported by Women 's Mag for the sake of getting help quickly and precisely.

Recognize 9 the symptoms of an asthma attack!

Pain in the chest
If you often complain about pain in the chest, immediately contact your doctor. Tightness in the chest or a sensation of pressure that can be felt one of the symptoms of asthma attacks.

Persistent cough
Not many people recognize cough as a symptom of asthma. Though experienced persistent cough and shortness of breath led to one of the symptoms of an asthma attack.

Wheezing is a sound heard when a person breathe. Usually wheezing is an indication of early symptom of asthma attacks. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience it.

It's hard to breathe
Either talking or activity, if you suddenly find it difficult to breathe ? If so, try to consult with a doctor. Do not tell me it is a symptom of an asthma attack.

easily tired
Symptoms of an asthma attack next to watch is the condition of the body easily tired. This is due to the lack of oxygen that enter the respiratory tract due to interference.

throat irritation
Nasal airway mucus can trigger irritation of the throat. In many cases, irritation of the throat was indicated as a symptom of an asthma attack.

Often anxiety and panic
Too often anxious and panic over small things also include symptoms of an asthma attack. To avoid this, try to remain calm and ask for medical help.

Lips and nails turning blue
If the lip and nail color slowly changing to blue, meaning that symptoms of asthma attacks in the progress of a very extreme. Help doctors should be given.

loss of voice
It also includes symptoms are considered severe asthma attack. Due to continuous cough, asthma patients tend to lose his voice. Even when talking to normal, the voice will sound very hoarse.

that was Identify 9 the symptoms of an asthma attack!, Be aware of the symptoms of an asthma attack is very important to do. Because that way you can get help quickly and precisely.

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