Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 Food Required to Restricted If You Want Flat Stomach

Having flat belly could be dream of all women and is not easy to obtain. Lifestyle and the food you eat greatly affects your waist size. Some foods can even cause stomach looks bigger and fatter. Among these 4 foods as reported follows.

1. Vegetables gaseous
Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale is a type of gaseous vegetables. However, this vegetable also contains many nutrients needed by the body, because the consumption of small amounts you should do.
2. Pickled food
Chips, canned foods and preserved foods high in sodium. Sodium can make the fluid stays in the body resulting in a magnification of the stomach and other body parts. Avoid the consumption of high-sodium foods as much as possible so that flat stomach.
3. Soda
Air bubbles in the soda will stay in the stomach and cause flatulence and enlarged. The best beverage is water, which helps 'clean up' the stomach so that it looks more flat.
4. Made in sweeteners
Should limit the variety of artificial sweeteners in packaged foods you consume. You can just eat them in small amounts and not excessive so as not to have an effect on your waistline.

In addition to food, you have to do to keep the shape of the stomach is to exercise regularly so that the abdominal muscles gradually formed.

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