Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recognize Triggers of Breast Cancer

Patients with breast cancer is a deadly disease in the world's number five. Therefore Ladies, you should be careful with the name of breast cancer. There is no harm in it if you listen to the trigger of this deadly disease?

Sure, it is not certain about the main causes of breast cancer. However, you need to recognize these triggers breast cancer as described by

* Pregnant young age. Instruments contained in the female reproductive needs time to proceed until finally ready to be fertilized. However, if you are pregnant at an early age will force the reproductive organs to work before they are cooked to perfection. One of these reproductive breast cancer you are at risk for later.
* Genetic factors. If you have a mother or sibling with breast cancer, usually have a greater risk to get breast cancer.
* Abnormal puberty. Adolescents who experience puberty too early or too late is also believed to have hormone instability that can lead to metabolic disorders.
* Smoking. Smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke is one of the factors that increase the risk of breast cancer because of the content of nicotine that are proven to damage the cells in your body
* Excess weight. Women with overweight or obesity is one of the things that can increase the risk of breast cancer. Because excess body fat can lead to increased levels of estrogen and insulin are known to trigger cancer.
* Lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyles such as poor diet is also a trigger for the onset of cancer cells.
* Hormone therapy. Women who use hormone therapy tend to risk messing up the performance of the cells in the body that trigger the growth of breast cancer cells.

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