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Beneficial Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Tips

Beneficial Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Tips
Homemade ice cream or store – bough actually has nutritional benefits that could be one of your source to improve healthy lifestyle if you consume it in moderation even in any type of ice cream. Basically, ice cream itself is not an empty food since there are a lot of vitamins, calcium and proten in high levels. If you want to make your children could get more benefits through ice cream, you can try to have homemade healthy ice cream that could increase in the significant way while you maintain the instrinsic dairy values.
Beneficial Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Tips

Beneficial Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Tips

What are the beneficial values to make homemade ice cream?

  1. You can guarantee about the fresh ingredients. In fact, when you buy ice cream for your kids of course you cannot see the process on how the ingredients for example nuts and fruits are picked and processed in hygienic way. Another beneficial thing by making homemade ice cream is that you can use fresh and seasonal ingredients rather than using canned or frozen one. Within fresh fruits, your kid will have full nutritional value as well as the superior taste you find.
  2. Healthy ice cream which is homemade could be said based on your imagination. You can apply many flavors as you want that you even cannot find out in a supermarket such as goat cheese, tea, sweet corn and many more as if the favorite ice cream in Brazil that has sweet corn flavor. It is different from italy that has the popular artichoke ice cream. It would be great for you if you do experiment with your kids. It is not about the surprising tasty result which is also healthy.
  3. Ice cream always rich of calcium, vitamins and protein. It is recommended that dairy foods responsible for around more than 70 percent of daily intake for calcium and ice cream includes too. One – sixth of daily calcium could be found in one half – cup serving of ice cream. In addition, dairy also has a high level of protein, especially dairy found in ice cream also could provide the essential minerals and vitamins include vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin and potassium as healthy ice cream recipe.
  4. Milk and cream are the main ingredients used in ice cream. While the unhealthy ice cream could go from the high sugar contents. That is why making homemade ice cream could be the alternative in order to control the amount and type of sugar you add. You can use honey, raw sugar and add fruits to have healthy ice cream toppings.

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