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Ideal Tips to Check Healthy Blood Pressure by Yourself

Ideal Tips to Check Healthy Blood Pressure by Yourself
Healthy blood pressure could be checked with a manual way which allows you to do only by using stethoscope and a simple cuff that will give the accurate result in reading it. By checking your blood pressure regularly, it could make you easily tracking your blood pressure especially if you are avoiding health problems that signed by high blood pressure such as stroke. For some cases in order to check blood pressure, people have to use blood pressure machines, but by following these tips buying the machine will not necessary. 
Ideal Tips to Check Healthy Blood Pressure by Yourself

What do you need to check healthy blood pressure?

Healthy blood pressure diagnosing could be done by yourself. First, purchase a blood pressure cuff. Most doctors are using it to diagnose the blood pressure. You can find these around drug stores or even in pharmacies. This tool allows you to check the blood pressure through wrapping around your arms and pump it. Many sizes are available such as adult, small, large and even extra-large. To get the clearer sound, you can buy a stethoscope. 

How to check healthy blood pressure by yourself?

To check, wrap the blood pressure cuff around your arm in a slight way which is above the crease of your forearm. Then, pump your blood pressure cuff over 160 after placing the stethoscope in the correct place that is on your forearm to check healthy blood pressure. To inflate and deflate the cuff, you can use the metal attachment that is on the side of the pump. After all, listen about the diastolic and systolic number. As you slowly deflate the cuff, you will hear two sounds from the stethoscope differently. For the first sound, it will be strong and lighter for the second. Look at the reading number on the cuff with the first and the stronger sound at the start related to the new sound because the first sound represents the systolic number while for the second of the sound are representing the diastolic. Checking blood pressure could be vary from arm to arm so that it requires you to repeat the blood pressure reading. In order to find out the ideal pressure, it should be around 120/80. Average the result after taking three or four readings. If you feel chest pain, numbness, or even tingling which is around your left arm, slurred speech or problem of breathing consult it since it could be the sign of Heart health problem. See more How to Teach Healthy Teeth Care for Kids

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