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How to Teach Healthy Teeth Care for Kids

How to Teach Healthy Teeth Care for Kids
Healthy teeth care in a young age is actually essential in order to have a strong dentition when kids grows as adult. A balance diet within a proper minerals and vitamin intake is required as the way to support the correct development of teeth. That is why the healthy teeth habits such as the hygiene should begin from early six months and even by inviting children to visit the dentist in the first birthday.

How to Teach Healthy Teeth Care for Kids

How to Teach Healthy Teeth Care for Kids

How to begin to teach healthy teeth care for kids?

Healthy teeth kids could be started before the eruption of teeth since young children still cannot clean their teeth alone. When they are very young which is at ages 0 to 3, parents howevr should do it for them and then continue to give assistance toward the kids when they are growing at the age 3 to 6. Before the onset of the first tooth, you should start cleaning your baby’s gums. 

To do this, gently rub the gums by using moist cloth in order to prevent any accumulations of bacteria. There is no need for toothpaste if the baby does not yet have teeth. Children should brush their own teeth around twice a day after the age of 3 for healthy teeth children. About toothpaste and toothbrush, you need a small toothbrush especially for a small mouth. 

Make sure that the toothpaste hair is flexible with rounded ends as the way to prevent scratching of the gums. Every three or four months, you will need to replace the toothbrush. Remember that it will not clean well and give more damage gums if you use worn or bent bristles. 

Not only that, but you also should understand that fluoride is required for children’s toothpaste since it can help teeth become stronger through strengthening the enamel. You need to supervise them while brushine as children like to swallow toothpaste. 

What is the cavity prevention parents could do as healthy teeth care?

Children susceptible to tooth decay once they have teeth. Anything could attack teeth such as infant formula, fruit juices, and breast milk because it contains sugar. For a better care, check monthly and watch out about the spots or dull white lines which could be form on teeth. 

Another sign of tooth decay is darkening of the teeth. For childhood cavities, it should be treated promptly or if not it could lead to infections problems. Regular brushing and limiting the sugar intake could be a prevention method for cavity problem as the healthy teethtips.

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