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Eating fruit good for male fertility

Eating fruit good for male fertility
Healthiest Fruits: A study revealed that a lack of nutritious foods and being overweight can lower the concentration of sperm and affect the ability of sperm to swim toward the egg. The scientists also encourage him to consume healthiest fruits and grains to increase the chances of successful fertilization outside the womb.

In the past, female fertility problems associated with obesity, smoking and drinking alcohol, but it is not so obvious until it was found that the same thing happen to him.

Recent findings in men and women who have fertility treatment, suggesting that the habit of drinking regularly and eat less nutritious foods that will lower the quality of their fertility.

Chairman of the researchers, Edson Borges of Fertility-Assisted Fertilization Center in Sao Paolo, said, The concentration of sperm is affected negatively by body weight index and alcohol consumption, and positively influenced by the consumption of cereals and nutritious meals every day. Research in Brazil involves 250 men and their partners who are doing fertility treatment called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Each participant was asked to say how often they consumed a number of foods, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, meat and fish. They also were asked how often drinking alcohol and smoking. Semen sample was then analyzed to determine their health and concentration of sperm in each pair were monitored during treatment.

Related to this, experts are now encouraged to do the diet on foods rich in fruits and seeds for the success of the treatment process.

The eggs are successfully fertilized in the treatment of it is three-quarters of the participants, and just less than 40 percent of women who become pregnant during treatment. Judging from the speed of the sperm reaches the egg cell mate; the men who like to drink alcohol and eat less nutritious foods tend to be less fertile.

Lynn Westphal, a specialist in the field of health and fertility of Stanford University, hopes that these results, published in Fertility and Sterility Journal, will encourage men to choose a healthier lifestyle. We're talking about a healthy lifestyle and try to eliminate some bad things on health. But in my opinion, the most important thing is to make women healthy as possible, he said as quoted by the Daily Mail Monday, November 21, 2011.

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