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Breast Massage Benefits Preventing Breast Cancer

Every woman must have longed to have breasts that tight, healthy, and beautiful. Especially for those who are already married, of course, want to pamper their partner with the body beautiful and well maintained. Not infrequently the woman who complained about their small breast size, average, or unbalanced.
Already know that massage can relax the tense muscles in the body. Typically the only massaging the body parts that are sore and missed breast massage. In fact, breast massage is one way to maintain breast health.

Texas Institute of Functional Medicines said that breast massage is the act of massaging and caressing the breasts gently using light to moderate pressure. In doing breast massage one can do it alone or use the help of a partner. The ultimate goal is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and beautify the appearance.

The following are some of the benefits you can get by doing breast massage:

1. Maintain shape of the breast. 
Massage useful to maintain breast shape and prevent it from sagging. This is because the breast massage can stimulate circulation needed to maintain healthy breast tissue, muscle tissue and strengthen resilience and build resilience to the ligaments. In addition, this massage also makes the breast become more tight so it does not sag, the result will have a more attractive bust line.

2.  The benefits of therapy. 
Breast massage can also be a good healing technique for pain or tenderness in the breast including those related to scar tissue, the soft touch and massage can be therapeutic or therapy. This massage can reduce pain and swelling in the breast as well as relaxes the stiffness or tension on the ligament.

3. health benefits of breast massage
The health benefits derived from breast massage is able to eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system of the body, because these toxins inhibit healthy circulation in the breast. Massage also stimulates lymphatic drainage system that produces waste products and the dangers of allowing more nutrients to the breast tissue.
4. Forms of prevention and early detection. 
Breast massage is known to help the early detection if there is a lump or an abnormality in the breast. Early detection is key to saving lives. For that regular breast massage and plus if the investigations are aged over 40 years as a form of prevention.

5. Streamlining the ASI. 
Breast massage during pregnancy, aims to strengthen and flex nipple and stimulate the milk glands to produce

milk that later were many and smoothly. Massage can be started after 7 months of gestation. In addition to pregnancy, breast massage can also be done after delivery that aims to stimulate and increase the volume of milk, as well as prevent engorgement. Breast massage can be started after the second day of delivery.

Breast Massage Techniques:

  • By using both hands, doing motion with medium pressure from bottom to top, in between the two breasts you. Repeat 4-5 times.
  • Gently press your right breast nipple with fingers, then massage with two fingers of your left hand outwards. Do it like that for the left breast.
  • Put your palms on the right breast, then do the twist while directed upward. Do it like that for the left breast.
  • Put both hands on each breast (lower breast line), with the thumb pressing the bottom of the breast, for the inward movement.
  • Put both hands on each breast (lower breast line), with the thumb pressing the top of the breast, for the inward movement (such as summarizing the direction of the center).
  • Put both hands on each breast (lower breast line), with the thumb pressing the top of the breast, just move your thumb in the direction of the course (four other fingers supporting the bottom of the breast).

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Breast Massage Benefits Preventing Breast Cancer
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